Found on Malden Road just a stone’s throw from Malden Manor station, Osaka Japanese Restaurant is undoubtedly one of Worcester Park’s top dining destinations. They really focus on the entire meal experience, not just exquisite food. Osaka’s dining room is an intimate but elegant space with a bustling atmosphere, but the efficient table plan allows enough privacy for a romantic dinner for two. The staff are friendly and attentive, and their passion for Japanese cuisine and willingness to share this to help guests make an informed dinner choice really help put Osaka among the very best Japanese eating experiences in all of London. Then of course there is the food.


Sprinkled across Osaka’s extensive menus are plenty of Japanese delicacies hard to find without traipsing all over London. Unsurprisingly, seafood features prominently in all menus and at Osaka, seafood means vibrant, succulent and practically still wet – it’s hard to hold back from the tako octopus nigiri or sea bass sashimi, and a chunky grilled scallop steak with asparagus is a favourite main meal. If you’re unsure, trust the chefs and their beautiful sushi or sashimi platters, which are also perfect for sharing in large groups. Just be sure to book ahead, because the word is out on this Japanese juggernaut on Worcester Park’s Malden Road.